Hey guys! Today I will be showing you guys missions for our group, Power Ninjas. Our mission will be February 20, 2016. We will be playing agar.io on party mode. I am not telling the party code yet, because I will announce that on the day we play. Here is a link to join our clan –> σғғιcιαl 【☯ηιηנα☯】 ηεω ᗩǤᗩᖇᎥᗝ ᏨŁΔŇ נσιη υs ησω http://goo.gl/1jjEga So our clan is 【☯ηιηנα☯】and we will play agar.io.

My name on agar.io will be 【☯ηιηנα☯】gяαу and I am leader of the clan. So comment your names so I can know your agar.io clan name. Remember this is important!!! Please come to our Mission, WE need to dominate. If anyone of you guys have youtube accounts, maybe post a video of us so we can be known and dominate. I hope you guys prepare and get ready for the mission. It is in  2 weeks, so JUST DO IT! WE WILL DOMINATE!

-your founder, Grace


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