hai, lol I haven’t posted in months

You also may have came here from my YT which is MightyGrace//MG

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This website is 4 me and my IRL friends 2 post for our “company”(its not official YET).We sell comics,paper,maybe some games & some random stuff

Idk what we are even selling, but the prices range from 50 cents to 5 bucks(only for right now). If we don’t know you IRL, pay through PayPal, and I’ll message you on Skype for details to mail u teh stuff

Also we are accepting new members, to join we need ur skype and hangouts, then we need a nickname to call u, and also what you would want to help with/apply for.

What spots we have open:                                                                                                                                 Secretary, Delivery(Mail the stuff to people), People to make ads, Drawer(3 drawers needed), and supplier(finds stuff to use)

On my YT channel, comment on my latest vid and fill out these details:                                        First Name,Nickname,what you would like to apply for,and what is one of your talents

You can put more details if u want, its your decision(dont put ur skype tho)

Bai, see ya tommorow! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)



So, lately I’ve been thinking we should advertise since nobody is interested. So, I’m going to get my friends to maybe check out this post and see if they might have any ideas. We can advertise for Rich Penguins Of CP, because we just get a penguin to say “WOOKEY UP RICH PENGUINS OF CP”. We need some more members especially on Rich Penguins of CP to get it popular like the nachos.

Missions(Go to the other missions one)


Hey guys, it’s DJ and I have a mission schedule to share with our members and stuff. We like playing stuff like Club Penguin, CPPS(club penguin private server), animal jam, and agar.io. Here is our latest mission. This mission is on Agar.io. We will play as a clan. σғғιcιαl 【☯ηιηנα☯】 ηεω ᗩǤᗩᖇᎥᗝ ᏨŁΔŇ נσιη υs ησω http://goo.gl/1jjEga. 【☯ηιηנα☯】 is our clan, so be sure to comment your name. I’m (go to the other missions one)


Hey guys! Today I will be showing you guys missions for our group, Power Ninjas. Our mission will be February 20, 2016. We will be playing agar.io on party mode. I am not telling the party code yet, because I will announce that on the day we play. Here is a link to join our clan –> σғғιcιαl 【☯ηιηנα☯】 ηεω ᗩǤᗩᖇᎥᗝ ᏨŁΔŇ נσιη υs ησω http://goo.gl/1jjEga So our clan is 【☯ηιηנα☯】and we will play agar.io.

My name on agar.io will be 【☯ηιηנα☯】gяαу and I am leader of the clan. So comment your names so I can know your agar.io clan name. Remember this is important!!! Please come to our Mission, WE need to dominate. If anyone of you guys have youtube accounts, maybe post a video of us so we can be known and dominate. I hope you guys prepare and get ready for the mission. It is in  2 weeks, so JUST DO IT! WE WILL DOMINATE!

-your founder, Grace

Make an account to be officially a member

So, some people might ask “How do you join?” Well, I posted this in the Stuff To know page, so be sure to visit that ninjanimated.wordpress/stufftoknow i think that’s that link. So another way to join is to make an account on scratch.mit.edu . This website is for programming but you can make studios, which most people call groups. We have our own studio but I have been making the accounts slowly because they take a longgg time to make and set up. Another website, deviantart.com. This website is about art, and you can also make groups. I haven’t set up any accounts on that besides mine.

My scratch and deviantart accounts: MINECRAFT909101

(such creative(¬‿¬) )


(¬‿¬) we got members, and I will tell you them. The original group name is Power Ninjas, don’t ask about the names.


Me, obviously aka Grace aka Gray aka DJ


Tarran aka TJ aka Tar Tar (his disliked nickname)

Jordan aka JJ

Brian aka BJ


Anaya aka naya

Gor’jus (pronounced gorgeous) aka GG


London aka Londo

Armirie aka AJ